McAfee Stinger

McAfee Stinger is a standalone utility used to detect and remove specific viruses. It is not a substitute for full anti-virus protection, but a specialized tool to assist administrators and users when dealing with infected system. 

Stinger Release Notes

Build Number:
Build Date: 11-Sep-2019

Stinger 32bit                 MD5: 3ca9a73c3b49ec9361385cdb91712957
                              SHA1: 5bd4b765ff51310f53e0056596c366c4fad9d688

Stinger-ePO 32bit             MD5: 8f0be0932746f2a7e3955230d000e448
                              SHA1: fc19265c8a42ca8895fc65a2f3b3a9820a5e167d

Stinger 64bit                 MD5: 7595472733a8406de6385ea80d977754
                              SHA1: a3eba6f128c1c5ce1949b48ead0d77d5fe8e483d

Stinger-ePO 64bit             MD5: e7cecf742881186647d87434245b448b
                              SHA1: 2fdec4398e79113719b6a2c5ec43d3c5e191d8ef

Enhanced detections are those that have been modified for this release. Detections are enhanced to cover new variants, optimize performance, and correct incorrect identifications.

Stinger now includes Real Protect - a real-time behavior detection technology that monitors suspicious activity on an endpoint. Real Protect leverages machine learning and automated behavioral based classification in the cloud to detect zero-day malware in real-time.